Number of publications (log) on multiple imputation during the period 1977-2010 according to three counting methods.

The figure contains three time series with counts of the number of publications on multiple imputation during the period 1977-2010. The search was done in Scopus on the July 11, 2011. Counts were made in three ways.

  1. The right most series corresponds to the number of publications per year that featured the search term `multiple imputation' in the title. These are often methodological articles in which new adaptations are being developed.
  2. The series in the middle is the number of publication that featured `multiple imputation' in the title, abstract or key words on the same search data. This set includes a growing group of papers that contain applications.
  3. The left most series is the number of publications in a collection of early publications. This collection covers essentially everything related to multiple imputation since its inception in 1977 up to the year 2001. This group also includes chapters in books, dissertations, conference proceedings, technical reports, and so on.

Note that the vertical axis is set in the logarithm. Perhaps the most interesting series is the middle series counting the applications. The pattern is approximately linear, meaning that the number of applications is growing at an exponential rate.